Smiling Project

Hi Friends,

Recently I became aware of the fact that people, including yours truly,  are not smiling enough, and I made a commitment to change. I wrote a short book about this and have seen amazing results by making one change – paying attention to my smiling habits.

I would like to challenge you to concentrate for the next 30 days on smiling more. Even if you don’t feel like it, smile anyway, and watch how you begin to feel happier and make new connections with those around you.

Our world is a beautiful place, and yet at times, I believe we are too stuck on our devices to connect with one another. A smile not only benefits your own health, you could actually be saving a life or lifting someone’s spirits!

Join me in making a commitment to smile for the next 30 days, then let me know how your world opens up! Just leave a note in the field below and I look forward to hearing from you! Be sure and leave your email so I can write you back. Blessings!