Pythagorean Healing

Next Generation Healing Method

After Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Healing came out, I was guided to finally publish another new healing series similar to the ECEEH called Pythagorean Healing. Much of this information was given to me years ago and I was guided to keep it in the drawer, so to speak, until the right time. With the new ECEEH method now out and the rapid planetary shifts happening, energy healing has changed dramatically since the early days. These new methods are fast and effective. Thank you in advance for ordering my books! Your support of my work allows me to keep going and researching new concepts for the future!

Each book teaches you a new technique you can use immediately. You can also come take a live training to learn more about how to use the methods and incorporate those into your other practices. When it’s all said and done, my guides have shown me that there could be as many as 20 plus books in this series, each featuring a new technique. Read more in my BLOG. Meanwhile, here are the first 3 books in the series:

Pythagorean Healing Level One: Power in Numbers

Pythagorean Healing Level One teaches a simple technique you can use to channel primary numbers as healing symbols and use them to bring balance to body, mind & spirit.

Binary Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Two

Binary Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Two teaches you a mind-bending technique that uses binary code to balance the body. Super strong! This is a favorite method of many of my current practitioners!

Platonic Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Three

Platonic Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Three teaches you how to use the ancient wisdom of Plato to balance the body.