Hi Friends, All of my stones are super charged with love and healing energies to assist you on your path and SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE! (US residents only, please) Namaste!

Sacred Stones Set

Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Lapis & Blue Topaz – all recommended by Edgar Cayce to assist in raising vibrations!



Egyptian Energy Healing Stones Mentioned in the Book!

Lapis – Cayce’s most recommended stone, Amethyst – intuition, Citrine-money stone, Bloodstone -healing and Lemurian Crystal from Madagascar. Price includes shipping!


Copper Bracelet

Gorgeous copper bracelet from India helps the magnetic energies around the body. Recommended by Edgar Cayce!


Supercharged Bloodstones

Pack of 4 – Top Healing Stone of All Time! Recommended by Edgar Cayce!


Lepidolite Mica – Calming Stone!

Lepidolite calms you for sleep and helps bring through messages from dreams and beyond. Price includes shipping!