All my stones are super charged with healing and love. I have some stones in my shop that are not listed online, so if you need something you don’t see here, please reach out to me on email! Have a blessed day!

Mentioned by Edgar Cayce & Heard on Coast to Coast AM September 16th, 2019!

“Keep the bloodstone close to thy body,” Edgar Cayce Life Reading 2282-1

Supercharged Bloodstones – Top Healing Stone of All Time – Price Includes Shipping!

Dr. Shelley declared bloodstone the #1 healing stone of all time! Mentioned in the Cayce readings, incredible bloodstones allow you to absorb their physical properties and fade with use. Includes 4 energetically charged bloodstones and a cloth carrying bag. Price includes shipping! Namaste!


Blue Sky Agate for Grief

This special agate has assisted clients with grief recovery for years. I recently found more! YAY! Wraps a gentle energetic blanket of peace around you during your time of need.


Lepidolite – Calming, Soothing

Lepidolite mica is great for anyone who is overly stressed out. Calms fears and anxieties and helps you concentrate and feel at ease. Price includes shipping!