Lemurian Seed Crystal

The Lemurians were loving beings who existed before the times of Atlantis and they left embedded messages in crystals to benefit humanity. You will LOVE this special crystal! Price includes a velvet bag and shipping.


Amethyst Cluster

Beautiful amethyst clusters are wonderful to use for clearing unwanted influences from your energy fields around the body and also help open chakra centers. Lots of pretty pieces! I will select the one best for you. Price includes shipping!


Bloodstone is the top healing stone of all time! Too many miracles to name!

Learn more in my book Top Ten Healing Stones of All TIme:

Supercharged Bloodstones – the Top Healing Stone of All Time

Energetically charged bloodstones will assist you on your path with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Bloodstones will fade out as you utilize their properties to heal. These are specially charged with healing energy to give you an extra boost. Price includes 4 bloodstones, shipping and a velvet carrying bag. Namaste!