Hi Dear Ones! I am eternally grateful to all who have supported my work by buying my books, products and services for the past 20 (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) years! Your purchases allow me to keep going – researching, teaching and doing the things I love. Thank you! Shelley

I personally select the right stones for you and charge them with healing energy using ECEEH. Carry your stones with you in your purse or pocket throughout your day, or place them directly on the body during times of rest. The vibrational frequencies will create subtle changes in your energy field. My team and I will get stones shipped to you ASAP and we appreciate your patience! Due to high demand, please allow up to two weeks to receive your order. Pricing includes USA shipping. Namaste!

5 Stone Set to Relieve Stress & Create Peace

Lemurian Splendor – a form of rhyolite helps you feel grounded and access challenging past lives while casting a protective shield around your field. I acquired this material years ago and was told to hang on to it until now. We so need the grounding stability this stone provides! Lemuria is the lost continent that predated Atlantis (subject of one of my other books, Lemurian Seeds and mentioned by Edgar Cayce). The loving energy of the Lemurians will help you on your path!

Madagascar Lemurian Quartz – You will love the amazingly loving and supportive vibrations of this special crystal infused with the consciousness of higher inter-dimensional beings!

Sodalite is a wonderful calming stone that helps you sleep and rest. It also balances thyroid and blood sugar and creates peace within the body. Bloodstone is the top healing stone of all time and so helpful! Amethyst calms the nerves and supports recovery from addictions.

Meet Your Karma RELIEF Stones for Anxiety Set

Price Includes Shipping & Bag! Lemurian Splendor, Lemurian Quartz from Madagascar, Sodalite, Amethyst, Bloodstone


Blue Sky Agate for Grief

This special agate has assisted clients with grief recovery for years. I recently found more! YAY! Wraps a gentle energetic blanket of peace around you during your time of need.


Lepidolite – Calming, Soothing

Lepidolite mica is great for anyone who is overly stressed out. Calms fears and anxieties and helps you concentrate and feel at ease. Price includes shipping!


Mentioned by Edgar Cayce & Heard on Coast to Coast AM September 16th, 2019!

“Keep the bloodstone close to thy body,” Edgar Cayce Life Reading 2282-1

Supercharged Bloodstones – Top Healing Stone of All Time – Price Includes Shipping!

Dr. Shelley declared bloodstone the #1 healing stone of all time! Mentioned in the Cayce readings, incredible bloodstones allow you to absorb their physical properties and fade with use. Includes 4 energetically charged bloodstones and a cloth carrying bag. Price includes shipping! Namaste!


Carbon Steel – heard on Coast to Coast AM!

Edgar Cayce said Carbon Steel in the pocket helps ward off a cold. 1 inch square, price includes shipping!


Copper Bracelet – Heard on C2C

Copper is a transmitter of electricity and can help get your energy moving. Mentioned by George Noory! Price includes US shipping!


3 Pieces of Citrine for Prosperity and Cash!

Known as the Merchant's Stone, yellow citrine can be carried in the pocket or placed in the purse, wallet or cash register to help cash flow! I've found some awesome citrine I know you will enjoy and love! Price includes shipping!