Gems & Stones

Amethyst Pillar

Stunning pillar of amethyst has the white quartz inclusions recommended by Edgar Cayce! 4.5 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide would be awesome to put in your abundance corner of your room or you can use this as a healing wand to direct energy! Price includes Priority Mail shipping to US destinations! Stones,—the entity should have the amethyst (the white) about self often. These vibrations will bring greater harmony, in not only body but in the mental attributes. 1986-1



Amethyst Cluster

Beautiful amethyst clusters are wonderful to use for clearing unwanted influences from your energy fields around the body and also help open chakra centers. Lots of pretty pieces! I will select the one best for you. Price includes shipping!



White Quartz Sphere

Beautiful pure white quartz sphere with stand. Edgar Cayce recommended white stones because they can be programmed to bring positive energy to the home or office. Price includes shipping! . . . any white stone, has a helpful influence—if carried about the body . . . Edgar Cayce Life Reading 2285-1


Medicine Bag of Mixed Stones to Aid Your Journey

Gorgeous new stones make a powerful set! Fluorite - concentration, allergy relief - the first stone I ever used in healing was green just like this! Labradorite - spiritual vision and psychic development Aventurine - wealth and pain relief Apatite - helps curb your appetite! Howlite - calms anger and anxiety Apache Tear - volcanic obsidian grounds and protects your energy from unwanted influences Price Includes Shipping!