Gems & Stones

Medicine Bag

Gorgeous new stones just in make a powerful set! Hematite - grounding, absorbs negativity Amethyst - psychic development Serpentine - pain relief Chrysocolla - communication and attuning to higher realms Lapis - spiritual development - recommended by Edgar Cayce! Aventurine - helps create energy of wealth Price Includes Shipping!


Ametrine Cluster

This is a powerful combination of Amethyst which is carrier of the purple ray, used for psychic development and opening the third eye chakra, and Citrine which is the yellow ray and creator of financial abundance. Beautiful clusters! I have several and I will intuitive choose the best one for you! Price includes shipping.


Amethyst Cluster

Beautiful amethyst clusters are wonderful to use for clearing unwanted influences from your energy fields around the body and also help open chakra centers. Lots of pretty pieces! I will select the one best for you. Price includes shipping!