Egyptian & Pythagorean Healing

New Certification Programs!

I’m now offering several new online certification programs in 2020 based on several healing methods I developed over the past 20 years! Back in 2000 I traveled to Egypt and had a near death experience shortly after my return. I received information about several healing methods and in these online courses, you can learn one or all at your own pace and receive exclusive access to ongoing online events with me on Zoom!

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Take the new Egyptian Energy Healing Certification or any of my Pythagorean Healing courses at your leisure online, then join me for Live Zoom Meetings that take place about once a month per modality! Once you’ve enrolled in certification, you become a lifetime member and as such, you’re always welcome to participate in my Zoom training calls any time! Members receive exclusive previews of new material not available to the general public.

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6 Month Healing Arts Membership – Save!

Save on 6 courses with Dr. Shelley! Receive 6 prerecorded webinars and 12 Zoom sessions. Receive your certificates after completing final exams and offer these methods to your clients.


Annual Healing Arts School Membership – Save!

Save big when you enroll for 1 year! Receive 12 prerecorded webinars and Zoom classes with Dr. Shelley plus bonus material, sneak peeks, and more!


Pythagorean Healing Certifications

Pythagorean Healing is Dr. Shelley’s multidimensional coursework.
Each certification course contains a new stand alone technique! Now you can receive certification in these cutting edge healing methods from the privacy of your own home!

Pythagorean Healing Level One teaches a simple technique you can use to channel primary numbers as healing symbols and use them to bring balance to body, mind & spirit. Receive online course access, Zoom training with Dr. Shelley and take a short final exam to receive your certification.

Pythagorean Level One Certification

Become Certified in Pythagorean Healing Level One as Dr. Shelley walks you through this powerful process of using numbers in healing!


Binary Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Two teaches you a mind-bending technique that uses binary code to balance the body. Super strong! This is a favorite method of many of my current practitioners! Receive online course access, Zoom training with Dr. Shelley and take a short final exam to receive your certification.

Pythagorean Healing Level Two – Binary Healing Certification

Learn an INCREDIBLE technique using binary code as Dr. Shelley walks you through this method. Includes handout.


Platonic Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Three teaches you how to use the ancient wisdom of Plato to balance the body. Receive online course access, Zoom training with Dr. Shelley and take a short final exam to receive your certification.

Pythagorean Healing Level Three – Platonic Healing Certification

Use the wisdom of Plato to bring balance to body, mind & spirit as Dr. Shelley walks you through Level Three in this fun webinar. Includes handout with symbols.


Holographic Mapping Certification

Dr. Shelley also developed a super easy technique called Holographic Mapping mentioned on Coast to Coast AM! Receive online course access, Zoom training with Dr. Shelley and take a short final exam to receive your certification.

Holographic Mapping Certification

Learn Holographic Mapping with Dr. Shelley in this fun webinar she considers to be one of her most advanced healing methods to date. Includes handout.


Egyptian Energy Healing Certification

Learn the healing method featured in Part 5 of Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing that was extrapolated from the Life Readings of the World’s Greatest Psychic, Edgar Cayce. Dr. Shelley shows you how to do Self- Healing, One-on-One Healing and two kinds of Distance Healing in this online multi-lesson program. You’ll receive a copy of the 9 Healing symbols, access to online monthly Zoom classes and take a final certification exam.

Egyptian Energy Healing Certification

Become Certified in the Egyptian Energy Healing method from the privacy of your own home with Dr. Shelley. Includes online video content, healing symbols handout, and online Zoom classes with Dr. Shelley! Take an easy final exam to receive your certificate!


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Join our private Egyptian Energy Healing Facebook Group for Egyptian Energy & Pythagorean Healing & Holographic Mapping practitioners to share information.

Prayer & Healing Requests

For the past several years, I’ve maintained a special prayer request list which I’ve never made public – until now! If you or someone you love has a prayer or healing request, you can post these on my Egyptian Energy Healing page on Facebook. Like the page and put the first name of the person needing the healing and our team of healers from our Facebook group (mentioned above) will collectively send light to your friends. Please do not put personal or confidential information on the page or it will be removed! We do not need any details! First names only! Thanks in advance!!!

Global Healing Process on YouTube!

Also, I do a daily prayer for our planet as well! Join me in this effort! Check out my Global Healing Meditation on YouTube! It’s a super fast process and is so effective for sending light to all beings on our planet. Please support my work by subscribing to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create new content for you. Namaste!