Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing

New Healing Modality Discovered in the Edgar Cayce Life Readings

Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing introduces readers to a full energy healing system, including 9 healing symbols mentioned by the Father of Holistic Medicine, Edgar Cayce. During Cayce’s lifetime, he gave over 14,000 individual readings. The Egyptian Healing method was extrapolated from life readings describing Edgar Cayce’s past life as Ra-Ta, the High Priest of Egypt and was published and endorsed by the Edgar Cayce Foundation.

Take the Class LIVE in Virginia Beach January 18th, 2020!

Come meet me at the Beach at the headquarters for Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment for a full day seminar on Saturday January 18th, 2020! Receive the attunement into the new modality and learn how to do this fun healing method.

Want to experience an ECEEH session? Click here.

Join the ECEEH Facebook Group!

Purchase Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing, and join our private Egyptian Energy Healing Facebook Group for practitioners to share ideas and information. The only requirement for you to become a member is to have the book and a desire to practice the new modality. The book contains the step-by-step instructions and photos of the symbols and serves as your workbook for your class, so to speak. Your purchase helps to support the ongoing mission of the Association for Research & Enlightenment/Edgar Cayce Foundation so the Cayce legacy can continue on into the future. Thanks in advance!

Prayer & Healing Requests

For the past several years, I’ve maintained a special prayer request list which I’ve never made public – until now! If you or someone you love has a prayer or healing request, you can post these on my Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing page on Facebook. Simply go like the page and put the first name of the person needing the healing and our team of ECEEH Healers from our Facebook group (mentioned above) will collectively send healing to your friends. Please do not put personal or confidential information on the page or it will be removed! We do not need any details! First names only! Thanks in advance!!!

Global Healing Process on YouTube!

Also, I do a daily prayer for our planet as well! Join me in this effort! Check out my Global Healing Meditation on YouTube! It’s a super fast process and is so effective for sending light to all beings on our planet. Subscribe to my channel! I am posting new content all the time! Namaste!