Pet Survey

Hi Friends!

Just curious – do you think you’ve known your pets in a past life? I’ve had a couple that seemed super familiar so I am just wondering…..

Here’s a link to a short 1 minute survey:

Have an awesome week!



Akashic Readings Update

Hello Dear Ones,

A quick update on my new Akashic Record Reports – while I absolutely love doing these, I spend considerable time and research preparing very long reports that include several lifetimes and I’ve had overwhelming positive response. I enjoy reading the records. I’ve been reading them for years and I think the report is awesome because it’s a lasting document you can refer back to for years to come.
Because of the amount of time this takes, I will need to raise the rates for this service soon. The introductory pricing will still be available through April 15th though so if you’d like to order a report, go to the sessions page on my site.
After studying the Cayce readings for years, I’ve seen Cayce always read the records by beginning with the most current life and moving back in time. I do the opposite by going back to the first place where your soul existed and moving forward. I like you to tell me what specific areas you want me to focus on when I look because our souls are so vast, there’s a lot to go through!
These readings are typically taking me 3 or more days to prepare. Unlike other readings where I’m doing things all at once, I will spend extra time going over your records, reviewing them a few times and adding pertinent information until I feel the report is finished.
I’ve been pleased with the response thus far and surprised by how many people would like to have this report prepared for them. So let me know if that’s you and meanwhile, have a blessed day and rest of your week! Namaste!

Instagram & YouTube

Happy Early Saint Patty’s Day, friends!
I hope 2019 is off to an awesome start for you!
Just a quick note to let you know I finally started an Instagram account thanks to some help from fans on the Past Life Lady Facebook page, and I’m loving it! I truly enjoy communicating in pictures and hope you’ll join me there as I begin to add more content. My Instagram username is shelleykaehr.
I also have a YouTube account and I’ve been adding some short videos from destinations around the world to hopefully help folks remember their past lives. I’m still quite interested in Supretrovie, the externally induced past life memories triggered by travel, and while it’s not always a good time to fly away, I hope these short films will help you recall who you once were. Here’s a link where you can learn more about Supretrovie:
My YouTube Channel is called Past Life Lady, so I hope you’ll join me there as well because I will be adding much more content in the coming weeks and months. I typically post links to new videos on my Facebook Fan Page at Past Life Lady, and I’m planning to add new content every week. We shall see how that goes, friends. I will do my best. That’s all I can tell you.
Meanwhile, enjoy this beautiful spring day. Namaste!