I’ll be Back on Coast to Coast Overnight on Monday June 21st!

Hi Friends, I'll be back on Coast to Coast AM speaking with my friend George Noory overnight on Monday June 21st about my book Heal Your Ancestors to Heal Your Life: The Transformative Power of Genealogical Regression. The book documents a special process I developed called Genealogical Regression that helps you heal past challenges that … Continue reading I’ll be Back on Coast to Coast Overnight on Monday June 21st!

Find Your Happy Place!

Hi Friends, I hope you are staying well and doing okay! Today from 2:00-3:00 Central, I will host a free online class to help you access a peaceful space in your mind. I call this your "Happy Place." What should your Happy Place look or be like? Anything that makes you feel nurtured, supported and … Continue reading Find Your Happy Place!

Thinking of you!

Dear Friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and my heart goes out to everyone struggling with the pain of social isolation. Know that you are strong and you will prevail!  I’m now busy creating some new online classes and content for you and I appreciate all your input from the recent survey … Continue reading Thinking of you!

Meet Your Karma Preorder

Dear Friends, Thank you to all who preordered Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories! You can still preorder today and receive your book in your inbox tomorrow during the official release on February 8th. To say thank you, I've recorded one of the journeys for you as a gift. To receive … Continue reading Meet Your Karma Preorder