Ancestral Healing Summit Jan 30th – Feb 3rd – Join Me!


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I’m writing about an amazing event coming up January 30th – The Shift Network Ancestral Healing Summit. I want you to join me! Register here:

What if you could resolve generational trauma by transmuting painful patterns, thereby creating a greater sense of belonging and wholeness in your life?And what if deeply reconnecting to your own heritage could help you make peace with yourself and your origins… experience closure with those who’ve crossed over… and free you to live more fully with all the gifts of your lineage?Historically, people worldwide have cultivated sacred relationships with their ancestors, asking them for healing, protection, and guidance.

When you communicate with members of your lineage who’ve passed, you can resource radiant energies within your bloodline, clearing your energy field and theirs of intergenerational trauma that affect the living and the dead.As you tune in to your loved ones across the veil, you’ll come to realize that they are just as real and just as reachable as the living beings you love the most — and, like you, they can evolve, they can be healed, and they can help you on your own healing journey.

By forging renewed relationships with your elders who have passed, integrating their wisdom and lessons into your daily life, you can create a radically new story for the future…… releasing revered members of your lineage from ongoing energetic blockages created in the past, while concurrently making way for you and future generations to live demonstrably better lives.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be speaking at the Ancestral Healing Summit — a global gathering of leading ancestral healing experts and inspiring teachers who will be sharing a powerful synthesis of spirituality, science, and ancient wisdom and practices from around the world that promises to transform your life and your legacy and ground you into your highest purpose.
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Free Online Event
Ancestral Healing Summit
January 30 – February 3, 2023

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P.S. My talk at the Ancestral Healing Summit will be based on my award winning book Heal Your Ancestors to Heal Your Life: the Transformative Power of Genealogical Regression Gold Medal Winner in the 2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Self-Help Book of the Year