Receive expert guidance to explore your soul’s journey

Dear Friends,

Are you seeking to understand more about the process we all go through as we die? 

Do you hope that your own consciousness (what some call the eternal soul) will continue to exist after your physical body is gone? Have you wondered how to ease the transition from this life to the afterlife for a loved one who is dying? 

Instead of viewing death as something to be ignored until it catches up with you despite your best attempts to outrun it, what if you could instead — right now — access a peaceful feeling of open acceptance combined with a curiosity to learn more about the process…

… so you can help yourself and your loved ones make the most of that amazing crossover journey when the time comes? If you’ve considered any of these things, join me and several other incredible speakers!

Free Online Event
Beyond the Veil Summit
October 31 – November 4, 2022

There’s now a plethora of new scientific evidence to support what religious and spiritual traditions have pointed to for millennia — that there is life beyond the physical world that we perceive with our five senses.

One of the greatest benefits of the Beyond the Veil Summitis to dance with the wonders of the afterlife, which paradoxically helps you embrace the present moment with joy and awe  —  I’m alive! What a gift! 

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