Upcoming Events & Free Gift for Writers

Hey Friends,

Hope everyone is doing well! I have a bunch of new events coming up soon in support of my new book Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds which will be out on October 8th!

One event coming up next week is a HUGE writer’s offering for those who are interested in doing some writing. The first thing this group is doing is giving out a really cool e-book for FREE so here’s the link if you’d like a copy. This book has a lot of helpful and encouraging material for how to get going on writing, and great stories of perseverance that are very motivating for anyone, even if you don’t want to write books.

Here’s the link to get the free book:


I will keep you posted on the writer’s program which is going to go live next week.

I will be announcing lots of events for Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds including another of my free reader’s classes where you get a free class when you buy my book. Stay tuned!

Have an awesome day!

Love, S