Discover your God Spot, where a cell of the Divine resides inside your body

Dearest Friends,I hope you are well during these challenging times. I am writing to recommend a free video event to you that I believe will make a positive impact in your life right now.

My dear friend and frequent guest on Healing Arts Podcast, preeminent intuitive healer Cyndi Dale, believes that a miracle occurs when something you innately know is supposed to be, actually manifests in your life. She notes that everything we need can be found on the Divine Pathway, one of the four levels of reality where you exist all the time… The Divine Pathway is known through a feeling, through awareness. It’s the sense of heaven on earth.

On Thursday, March 24, Cyndi will explore the Divine Pathway and guide you through a powerful energy medicine exercise into the miracle body. There, you’ll connect with your “God Spot” — a sacred space within that holds an actual cell of the Divine.You can register here for Discover the Divine Pathway With Energy Medicine: Learn How Miracles Occur When You Release Blocked Energy

In this powerfully healing free online event, you’ll:
Discover your God Spot, where a cell of the Divine resides inside your body, and how it enables you to create lasting cellular, physiological, and psychological transformation — and experience the joy of spiritual amplification

Be guided through the 2-sided Miracle Body exercise, an experiential practice to help you clear a limiting stumbling blockUncover a significant challenge in your life that’s holding you back from pursuing your destiny

Experience Radiant Kundalini and the Absolute Scalar Waves to connect to all parts of yourself and all the goodness in the world Have a direct, embodied experience of the divinity within youWhen you recognize that a miracle is nothing more than a shift in perception, and you practice Cyndi’s simple yet life-expanding techniques, you become open to the miracle of changing yourself at a cellular level.  

You can RSVP for free here:

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available:

I think you know how much I adore Cyndi. She is one of the most talented healers around and a wonderful person and friend. I recommend all her books and I know this event will be spectacular! I can’t wait to see this myself and I look forward to seeing you there!Love & Blessings,


P.S. My Shift Network class Past-Life Regression to Heal Your Ancestors & Yourself is ongoing now through April 20th and you can still enroll! All sessions are pre-recorded for playback and live teachings happen every Wednesday afternoon. I’d love you to join me!