Past-Life & Genealogical Regression Starts Tomorrow!

Hi Friends!

Just a reminder that my 7 Week course begins tomorrow and you still have time to join me!

For the next 7 weeks, we will be going on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

I designed the class to be similar to how one of my real past-life regression session works. Many times through the 20 + years I’ve been doing this work when someone wants to go into “past lives,” I find that I cannot possibly take them into that past until we do some healing on the present life.

In our course, we will follow these protocols of having you sit in meditation and have a talk with your Mother (birth mother, adoptive or other) and use the power of your imagination to talk to her about happy things, upsetting things, situations that need clarity and healing.

Next, we do the same for your Dad with the goal of uncovering any past hurts or sharing real feelings that may not have been expressed before.

This current life healing with parental energy will lighten your soul and better prepare you to go into the next phase – past lives.

We will do two weeks of past-life regressions – the first week will be for your mother, the second for your father. How do you know these parental figures? What soul contracts did you agree upon and what are you learning together? What gifts and talents did you acquire in the past to help you now? What needs to be left behind so you may live a happier life in the NOW?

Finally, our last two weeks will be the icing on the cake, so to speak. We will do Genealogical Regressions to send light to your ancestors on your mother’s mother’s side and mother’s father’s side of her family. The final week of class, you will do the same with your father by visiting his maternal and paternal ancestors.

Scientists have now PROVEN that we are carrying energy from our ancestors. That could manifest as anything from aches and pains to emotions and even stress and trauma.

Consciously sending light to these areas is incredibly transformational and so easy to do!

As we conclude the seven weeks, I will share information on how you can continue using what you learned in the future. ALSO – these journeys and all course materials are available to you to use after the class is completed so you could revisit them in the future.

ABOUT SESSIONS – I have received lots of requests for private sessions with me. The other reason why I would love you to take this class is because the investment for seven 90 minute sessions is actually LESS than 1 private 90 minute session. The value is there and the results I could help you achieve in a longer format would be substantial.

And finally, if you don’t have time to watch on the day the class happens, that’s okay. Just start when you can, work around your schedule and know that for the seven weeks, I will be in the Facebook group with you and interacting with you – exclusively for members of our private group.

Please visit to register TODAY! I look forward to seeing you there.

Love, Shelley