Ancient Mysteries Conference and Egyptian Energy Healing Class in October!

Hi Friends!
Just a quick note to let you know about some upcoming events.

  • October 7-10– I’m excited to be speaking at the Annual A.R.E. Ancient Mysteries Conference
  • Saturday October 16th – Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing Virtual Seminar – Join me as I take you through all of the guided journeys from my bestselling book including a powerful clearing process and a journey to the Egyptian Healing Temple. You’ll also learn the new healing modality based on the Edgar Cayce  Life Readings and I’ll show you how to use this method for Self-Healing, Healing Others, Distance Healing, Group and Global Healing. We will be going over all five sections of the book including:
  • Energy Healing Fundamentals
  • Tools for Energy Healing
  • Anatomy of a Session
  • Ra-Ta Egyptian High Priest, Cayce Egypt Readings & Temple Rituals
  • Egyptian Energy Healing Modality (ECEEH)

I’m super excited about these events and hope to see you there!

Have an amazing week!

Love & Blessings, Shelley