Following Up from Coast to Coast

Hi Friends,

Thanks to my dear friend George Noory for another amazing conversation! And thanks to all who listened and called in to Coast to Coast AM! If you missed it and want to hear that show or the many others I’ve been on since 2005, become a Coast Insider!

Just a few notes of followup to further answer some questions from the show – the book I mentioned with the bloodstone on the cover that was used by my dear friend is Top Ten Healing Stones of All Time Check out the red stone on the cover and you can clearly see that what was once bright red throughout has now cleared out! Bloodstones allow users to absorb their energies – something I have been chatting about on Coast for years and there have been too many weird stories about this to name, ever since I first mentioned it. You can order some of my super charged bloodstones here.

More on Pythagorean Healing, my classes & books

Regarding the Pythagorean Healing Series, each book teaches you a stand alone healing technique that is really easy to do, fun and yet powerful! I am a big believer that this information should not cost a ton of money.

The classes I am offering in the Healing Arts online school are certification courses for either professional energy healers who want to offer these methods to others, or anyone who wants more hands on practice doing energy healing. All classes include the online video portion and optional Zoom calls with myself and other students which are a ton of fun. Not everyone wants to do Zoom meetings, and it’s not necessary to do so, but it has been a real joy to connect with the amazing group of healers from all over the country, meet new friends and have a little fun while helping others during this strange time in our lives. In the Zoom calls, we practice sending and receiving healing. I post the schedule for the various classes on my events page. These are always held on Saturdays and Sundays from 2-4 Central. Once you enroll in any of my classes, you will have a lifetime invitation to come on out and join us anytime I am doing a training call on the modality you’re enrolled in. This is kind of like the old Reiki shares of the past, only it’s all online.

Regarding Past Life Regression…

The book that describes my very first transformational past life regression, my past life illness I brought into my current lifetime and why I believe so strongly in this modality is Lifestream: Journey Into Past & Future Lives

Private Sessions – I’ve opened up some availability the next couple of weeks for the many requests I’ve received for private sessions. Please check out my online booking site for availability.

Another option for regression information would be to check out my book Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories featuring my RELIEF Method for anxiety which has lots of exercises for assisting with deep stress and past life regression. You may also wish to take my 3 week long course where I walk you through the processes in the book and guide you through several regression sessions and healing processes.

For other assistance, please subscribe to my Past Life Lady YouTube channel where I have a free mini regression and tons of different kinds of videos. I will be posting more soon!

But wait, there’s more! You can also check out my Healing Arts podcast where I walk you through several guided journeys to help with stress and we work through these stressful times together!

Sending you lots of prayers and light during this challenging time! Blessings, Shelley