What Stones Can I Use for Stress Relief?

As usual, I am receiving questions about gemstones and how they work. Gems and stones can support hypnotic and energy work by subtly shifting your energy fields into higher vibrations so you let go of what I call “unwanted influences.” On my site, I offer tumbled stones I recommend you carry with you in purse or pocket, use them as rubbing stones throughout the day or place on the body in times of rest to shift energy. All stones have frequencies that help us create more balance in the three major areas of love, wellbeing and security. There are some special stones that can support your journey to peace and calmness.

One of the biggies is one I call Lemurian Splendor, which is a volcanic rhyolite from the area once believed to be part of the lost continent of Lemuria. Splendor grounds and shields you from unwanted influences, assists in healing past life trauma and helps release disappointments from the past while strengthening you for the future. Here’s a little more about that and other stones on the site:

Lemurian Splendor – Several years ago I was gifted with a large batch of a mystery stone I’ve kept with me for the past decade. While digging through my mineral inventory recently, I found this material, took it to a local geologist and discovered it is a form of volcanic rhyolite mined from the part of the world that many believe is the lost continent of Lemuria. My guides told me this is the time to have these rocks cut and distributed to help with the anxiety and depression issues mentioned in my new book. I was guided to call this stone Lemurian Splendor. The Splendor helps you feel grounded and access challenging past lives while casting a protective shield around your field. I acquired this material years ago and was told to hang on to it until now. We so need the grounding stability this stone provides!

You may or may not recall that Lemuria is the lost continent that predated Atlantis (subject of one of my other books, Lemurian Seeds and mentioned by the World’s Greatest Psychic, Edgar Cayce). The loving energy of the Lemurians will help you on your path! More stones on my site for stress include:

Madagascar Lemurian Quartz – You will love the amazingly loving and supportive vibrations of this special crystal infused with the consciousness of higher consciousness inter-dimensional beings!

Sodalite is a wonderful calming stone that helps you sleep and rest. It also balances thyroid and blood sugar and creates peace within the body. Any blue stone can relax you, but sodalite is a special one I’ve loved for years!

Bloodstone is the top healing stone of all time and so helpful!

Amethyst Calms the Nerves and Supports Addiction Recovery – In my Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones book, I relay the story about how Amethyst received it’s name after the Greek god of wine and libation, Bacchus, cursed a little girl named Amethyst and turned her into stone. Goddess Diana punished Bacchus and he cried his purply wine-colored tears on the stone, turning it into the beautiful purple crystal we enjoy today. For that reason, amethyst can energetically support those who are in recovery, or anyone who wants to loosen the binds of addiction. When working with such people in my private practice over the years, I often recommended they hold an amethyst or wear jewelry to support the changes they want to create.

Blue Sky Agate Helps Grief Recovery – Several years ago I was given this special form of agate and “accidentally” discovered that it has great healing properties to help people release the pain of grief. Since I first started sharing this with people (over 10 years ago) this blue agate has assisted dozens of my clients with grief recovery. All stones share similar healing qualities, and I’ve found all agates to be calming to the nerves. The Blue Sky helps because of where it is mined in the Northwestern US. I thought I was out, but after digging around my secret stone stash, I recently found more! YAY! This stone wraps a gentle energetic blanket of peace around you during your time of need.

Lepidolite Mica Calms Nerves and Eases Depression – Great for anyone who is overly stressed out. Calms fears and anxieties and helps you concentrate and feel at ease. Lepidolite is the ore of Lithium which is a main element found in anti-depressant medications used for bipolar disorder and it is also in the batteries that charge our electronics. Lepidolite will charge your spiritual batteries, so to speak, by removing angst and bringing you a feeling of peace and calm.