Answering Questions About Private Sessions

Hi Dear Friends! Hope you’re doing well! I’m still answering more questions about Meet Your Karma! Remember you can still check out my interview on Coast to Coast by becoming a Coast Insider! For now, here are some answers to common questions about my private sessions.

Because of my current client list of people from all over the world, my past life regression sessions are offered via phone or Skype. People are often surprised that a regression can be effective by phone, so in this short article, I will talk more about why I do this and why it works.

Phone & Skype Sessions – I started doing phone regressions by necessity back in 2005 after my first appearance on Coast to Coast AM when I was bombarded with requests for healing and regressions. Most clients contacted me from out of state, some from out of country, so the sessions had to be done by phone. Since then I have worked with thousands of people this way and I train all my practitioners this way because I believe it works better.

How is That Possible? In order to access past lives, you would need to close your eyes and go on the guided journey, so whether I am in the same exact room or not, does not matter. You could not see me anyway! Part of my method involves me sending energy healing to help you access the past easier. I also guide people intuitively during the process. After my near death experience in 2000, for some reason I see a little movie running in my mind when you speak. Often I can relay the exact details clients are experincing during the regression session. I do not relay these details immediately though unless necessary because part of the value of regression would involve you having your own journey and experiences on your own. I use my intuition to help you if you’re stuck, to provide additional details, or to fill in the blanks in certain areas.

Comfort – I’ve found that when people are at home in their own familiar and comfortable surroundings, it removes certain kinds of stress such as fighting traffic, etc. Traveling into an unknown place to meet people brings up another layer of stress and during the regression, best results are received when you’re as comfortable as you can be, in your special place at home, wrapped in a blanket (for example) surrounded by things that make you feel nurtured and supported.

Tough Love – I am a real softie and highly sensitive person. Over the years I realized that at times I have to ask tough questions in order to help people make the changes they really want to create. I am very sensitive to the energy of other people and I’m like everybody else, I want people to be happy with me, happy with every little thing happening during their session, etc., but that’s not in anyone’s best interest during a regression. The energetic distance the phone provides allows me to compassionately share what needs to be shared so you get the best outcome for your highest good.

Doing regression via the phone or Skype is not what everyone wants to do though, I get that. In the current digital age, it’s more accessible to people than ever before, and as mentioned, I’ve found its the very best way for me to help more people when I can fit these sessions into my hectic travel schedule.

Can I Make a Local Recommendation for You? No. Sorry, but I cannot. At some point, I will have trained more people in my methods. I am super picky about recommending anyone to assist people because I have a certain model of the world and have been through all kinds of training to enable me to do what I do. I have started training regressionists and I will be offering more classes on this in the future so that at some point, there will hopefully be someone in your area that I can recommend. For now, that’s not the case yet. Stay tuned!

Self-Help is Revealing and Works! I really believe people can record the processes in Meet Your Karma using a phone app and get much healing and insight into themselves with that alone. Also remember I am offering you a FREE MP3 of one of the journeys in Meet Your Karma when you reach out to me on my website! That can definitely get you started!

Workshops & Online Classes – I am also doing some workshops to walk you through the material in Meet Your Karma in a way that will be indepth and affordable and I will soon be rolling out some online class options for the material as well in the not-too-distant future.

Journey Work is Just That – A Journey – I really like the idea of people being able to slowly work through the material in Meet Your Karma because over the years I’ve found that inner work is definitely a process and not a destination. If we were perfect humans already, none of us would still be here – and that includes me too! I am always working on myself and the processes in Meet Your Karma are the same things I still use to help make sense of my life and my experience. I want to teach you how to do these things yourself, how to find the insights within your own mind so you can use the tools to help weather the storms of life and become happier and more at peace.

How to Schedule a Session with Me: My personal availability to do sessions is sadly limited. I am still only one person which is why I am working hard to create the infrastructure to help more people in more affordable ways. If you are interested in scheduling with me after learning more, I have an online scheduler here and welcome the opportunity to assist you:

On Recording Sessions – People are often surprised to hear that I do not believe in recording private sessions. That said, I understand this is the digital age and that people want recordings of our sessions. If you want one, I recommend and allow you to record your session using any number of apps you can download into your phone for such a purpose. The reason why I don’t like people doing that though (just so you know) is because the session to me represents a moment in time that is transient in nature. Nothing lasts, nothing stays the same, and if I have truly done my job, then you will not be the same person who had the session with me. You would have shifted your thinking, your way of being and your whole energy in light of the new understandings you gained about yourself during the journey. So why go back and dwell on old issues and things of the past? I do not think that is productive at all. If something that happens to you during your session is really that important, believe me, you will remember without having to go revisit it all in a recording. Even in my own sessions that I’ve had over the years, I recall the things that changed my life for the better, and that is enough! If you still want to record though, I do understand. Feel free! If you’re absolutely unable to figure out a good app to use or having difficulty, let me know and I can make a recording for you using an app I found that would create a MP3 file. If you need help searching, go to your app store and search for free recording apps.

Watch Videos on Past Life Lady Channel – I will be continuing to answer more of your questions as they come in and for other answers, you can also check out my RELIEF Method videos on my YouTube Channel here. This short series (most videos are only a couple minutes long) will walk you through the contents of Meet Your Karma so you know what to expect.

Have an awesome day!!!! Love, S