Following Up on Questions From Coast to Coast AM

Hi Friends! Thank you again to my dear friend George Noory for another amazingly entertaining interview on Coast to Coast AM!!!! As usual, it was a ton of fun!

How can I listen to your interview? One common question I always get is from people who did not get to hear the interview who want to listen the following day. To do that, you should become a Coast Insider! It is AMAZING and so affordable to get access to the archives of some of the best radio ever recorded!

Why People Don’t Always Want a Past Life Regression

I want to talk further about something I mentioned briefly to George. Believe it or not, even though past life regression is my all-time favorite modality, I’ve realized that not everybody wants one. My work combines past life regression with energy healing and intuitive readings which is why my techniques have been so successful in assisting people to find answers. I must do what the client needs, which may or may not include regression every single time. Some benefit from healing work and using gemstones, while others have issues I believe would be best transformed during regression. When I train practitioners in my healing work, the one thing I am constantly telling them is the fact that you should put several tools in your toolkit because you never know what people might need.

There’s No One Size Fits All in Spiritual Work

Sad, but true. What works for one won’t always help another. I do my best to work with my client’s Higher Self to provide what they most need at any given time. If it’s a past life regression, awesome, and if not, then we go another direction.

Why I Believe Regression is Better Than Having a Psychic Reading                       Some people prefer to receive a reading where I tell them their past lives, rather than helping them experience that themselves. The reason why I am such a huge fan of past life regression is because early in my journey when I was struggling with a variety of serious life issues myself, I tried everything from healing to getting psychic readings to taking classes. The tool I found most helpful was a transformational regression. Why? Because through guided imagery, you are able to use the power of your mind to go back and have a direct personal experience rather than having someone else tell you about yourself. The direct experience makes an immediate impact that changed my life and has helped my clients through the years in ways that are so transformational, it’s unfathomable. If someone tells you things, you don’t get that same immediacy of finding the answers on your own, or at least that’s what I’ve found.

Why I LOVE Self-Help Books

This is why I am such a HUGE believer in self-help. I’ve included so many journeys in Meet Your Karma because I want you to have the tools you need to go do this yourself. Now, thanks to technology, you can easily record the processes, play them back to yourself and get results, which is awesome. 


Although you can easily record these processes yourself, when you buy the book online, copy and paste a receipt into the form on the first page of my website, I will email you an MP3 of one of the journeys to get you started!

On Intuition & Healing

After I had a near death experience myself back in 2000, I came out of the light, so to speak, having energy in my hands and the ability to know things. I had no frame of reference for all of this at the time, but since then, these aspects are what I uniquely combine with my regressions to yield better results for my clients.

Thoughts are Things

That’s not just some New Age slogan! When you have a memory of something that happened in the past, whether that was last week or a thousand years ago, there is an energetic component to the memory. To have a transformation, the energy work I do with clients during regression sessions shifts and transforms that stuck energy and transmutes it to a higher level while the actual regression process (the talking through of the past events on a more conscious level) helps people process what’s happening. When combined, it’s incredibly helpful.

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I conclude by saying thank you to all who have supported my work and my mission over the years of helping people find greater happiness and peace in their lives! I hope however it is our paths have crossed that you will find something helpful here. Know I am wishing you great joy and happiness on your life journey! Namaste!