World Philosophy Day & Pythagorean Healing Special

Hi Friends! Now that Mercury’s gone direct (thank you, Lord!) and hopefully all our computers are running properly again, in honor of World Philosophy Day Thursday November 21st, (yeah, I probably should have sent this note out yesterday, so I’ll credit the Mercury Retrograde shadow for that! LOL – just kidding!) I’m running my first book special on the newly released Pythagorean Healing series, named for one of the most influential philosophers of all time, Pythagoras.

Known as a first rate mathematician, Pythagoras is credited for influencing everything from numerology, to music, art and more. Without his genius, I’d hate to think where we’d be as a society! I’ll be talking to my good friend Wendy Garrett about the new modality on her podcast tomorrow (airing on Wednesday and I will post that interview later). To hear my earlier interview with Wendy on ECEEH, click here.

After Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Healing came out, I was guided to finally publish another new healing series that I consider similar to the ECEEH called Pythagorean Healing. Much of this information was given to me years ago and I was guided to keep it in the drawer, so to speak, until the right time. With the new ECEEH method now out and the rapid planetary shifts happening, energy healing has changed dramatically since the early days. These new methods are fast and effective. Thank you in advance for ordering my books! Your support of my work allows me to keep going and researching new concepts for the future!

Please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Sending you all my best! Love, Shelley