Pythagorean Healing Series tonight on Exploring the Bizarre

Tonight I’ll be talking to multi-published author Tim Schwartz on his radio talk show Exploring the Bizarre about my new book series.

We’ll be discussing my new alien-inspired books collectively called Pythagorean Healing– how they came about and why they’re similar in nature and in the same category as the new Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing technique.

There are three books in the new Pythagorean Healing series thus far, although my guides have promised at least twenty when it’s all said and done. Each book gives readers a full disclosure on separate techniques you can use to make immediate and lasting change in your energy fields.

The first three books are as follows:

Pythagorean Healing: Level One – this book takes readers through a simple process for using the primary numbers as healing symbols. 

Binary Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Two is a far out technique that is super simple and effective for realigning the energy centers using the binary code. This is powerful stuff, for sure! 

Platonic Healing: Pythagorean Healing Level Three helps readers use ancient wisdom of the philosopher Plato to align the physical body with the earth.  

Stay tuned and hope you can check out the show! I’ll post a link to the interview on Facebook as well. 

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