Past Lives with Pets – My Favorite Book to Date!

Hi Friends! Hope you’re doing well! People always ask me, “What’s your favorite book you’ve written?” That’s a tough question usually because they’re all different and I enjoy each one, but I believe I finally have a good answer to that one and here it is – Past Lives with Pets coming from Llewellyn Worldwide!

I’ve documented incredible case histories about people who know that they’ve known their fur child from times in the past. The stories are entertaining and informative and you will have a chance to use processes I’ve provided to go back and find the connections to your own pets.

I also cover pet grief, which is a super difficult part of life – saying goodbye to the love of your life is incredibly challenging, for sure.

So stay tuned for the release of Past Lives with Pets in May 2020. Meanwhile you can preorder on! Namaste!

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