Travel with Me!

Want to Travel with Me?

Hi Friends!

I have a couple of amazing trips lined up and want to know if you’d like to come along. Here are the details:

December 13-18, 2019 – Belize & Mexico – Journey to Lost Lemuria Trip!

Right before Christmas, you can join me on an incredible trip to the ancient land of Lemuria! We’re cruising down to Mexico and Belize and touring some Mayan pyramids! I absolutely adore this part of the world. No doubt, I’ve been there in a past life and perhaps you have too! 

This is a great opportunity to get to see a lot of sites without having to miss a lot of work! 

During our sea days, you will be able to take my Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing class, receive an activation into the new modality, learn how to do ECEEHand you will also get to take a class based on my bestselling book Lemurian Seeds: Hope for Humanity and Crystal Skull Consciousness. 

This is the land of the Crystal Skulls and Lemurians and I hope you can join me! Unlike a lot of my trips, there are no limits to how many can join us. Click here for details and to sign up!

March 18-April 9 – Egypt and the Holy Land Adventure

I am completely thrilled to be taking a very small group on the adventure of a lifetime into several sacred sites I have not been to in 20 years! Many of the places on this trip are the exact destinations I visited in 2000 shortly before my Near Death Experience and I can’t wait to see how I react to them after all these years. We are taking an odyssey into the ancient world to some of the greatest places on earth! Cruising from Dubai to Rome, we will stop in Luxor, Egypt and visit Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings (among other incredible sites). Please note we won’t be headed to Cairo this time, but stay tuned for other future adventures! Luxor is among my all time favorite places on earth and I know you will love it!

During our sea days, you will be able to take my Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing class, receive an activation into the new modality while you’re in Egypt, and learn how to do ECEEH!

I will also offer classes on Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones (including stones mentioned in the Bible!)and Supretrovie – Externally Induced Past Life Memories based on Travel, which I truly believe some of you will experience firsthand on these trips! Ancient lands have a way of bringing dormant past life memories to the surface of your mind, for sure!

After we stop in Egypt, we will journey through the Suez canal to Israel and see the Holy Land before heading to Ephesus Turkey, home of the house of the Virgin Mary where Mary spent her final days on earth, then it’s off to the stunning Rhodes, Greece (where I went 20 years ago) and Athens. We will also go to Naples and you will get to see the Castel Nuovo I mentioned to George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. I believe I lived there in the past and I cried my eyes out when I saw it. Will I start bawling again when our ship pulls into port? Come along and find out! Our final stop is the incredible Rome, Italy.  See all the ports and check this out by clicking here.

I can only take a few travelers with me, so if you’re interested, click for details and sign up now!