Following Up on Your Questions from C2C

Hi Friends! Thanks for staying up ’til the wee hours to listen to George and I on Coast to Coast AM! Just a quick follow-up to answer the questions I am receiving today about things we discussed on last night’s show:

Bloodstone is the Top Healing Stone of All Time – featured in my book by the same name and my Edgar Cayce gemstone books, bloodstone is the one we talked about that is a dark green color with red flecks. People carry these stones in the pocket and quite often the green and red vanish and the stone is left clear! I believe the stone allows the user to take on its properties for healing purposes. In ancient times, bloodstone was believed to be the stone under Christ in the crucifixion so in a Christlike fashion, it sacrifices itself for the greater good.

Citrine is the other stone we talked about – the money stone. Put it in the purse or wallet, carry it in your pocket or place a piece in the cash register and watch the money flow in! Lots of fun stories of citrine. One client who has carried my stones around for years claims the citrine is helping him with lotto. Not sure about that, but he must have some pretty good karma, as he does tend to win some smaller cash prizes!

Lapis Lazuli mentioned by Edgar Cayce in the life readings more than any other stone is the one that Cayce “prescribed” to recipients of his readings to help them energetically resolve things from past lives in Egypt. The stone “sings,” meaning you can hear the vibrations if you place it up to your ear. Super powerful!

Amethyst vibrates to the same frequency as the purple ray, opens the third eye and helps enhance intuition. I also briefly mentioned this helps with addictions. Known as the drunken stone, there’s a tale from Greek mythology about amethyst and how the goddess Diana enacted a punishment on the god of wine, Bacchus after he turned a little girl. named Amethyst into a piece of white alabaster. After Diana chastised him. Bacchus cried his big winey tears on the girl, transforming her into the beautiful purple stone we know today. For that reason, it is said to help addictions.

Carbon Steel is a famous Cayce remedy George mentioned that was affirmed by a. caller. Carry a piece of carbon steel in your pocket and your energy fields will be strengthened so hopefully you will not catch colds.

All of these are up on my site ( including Carbon Steel – yay!):

Also check out Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones and Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals & More for further information!

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Finally if you want to see Castel Nuovo from Naples, Italy where I believe I lived back in the 1200’s – I posted some photos for you on Instagram Stay tuned later when I will post the photo of my moonstone ring from Luxor, Egypt!

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