Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to be partnering with Llewellyn Worldwide on my forthcoming book Meet Your Karma: the Healing Power of Past Life Memories coming out in February 2020. Here’s a quick description:

Healing your past-life karma is possible! Meet Your Karma shares amazing case studies from Shelley Kaehr’s hypnotic-regression practice, demonstrating the unique tools and strategies she uses to help her clients clear disruptive past-life trauma and emotional blockages.

Discover Shelley’s RELIEF method for using guided imagery and past-life regression to help relieve anxiety, depression, and trauma. This book also provides a series of progressive guided journeys so that you can explore the RELIEF method for yourself and experience the insight, answers, and healing that it can bring. These inspiring stories of clients who were able to overcome fears, phobias, panic disorders, trauma, OCD, and PTSD will fill you with hope and give you the tools to heal from your most challenging past lives.

I’m convinced that many challenges we face stem from problems from our past lives and through simple clearing processes you can learn to do yourself, you can release old energy and enjoy peace and happiness. I developed the RELIEF Method to help people with depression, anxiety and trauma. You can learn more by visiting my Private Session FAQ page. Namaste!