Non-Human Past Lives Survey

Hi Dear Ones!

You’re on a roll and so am I! Thanks to all who responded to the Past Life Memory survey! Thus far, 100% of respondents believe in Déjà vu and 75% have experienced anamnesis and Supretrovie. Thanks for your feedback!

Next up, awhile back I asked you about whether or not you believe you’ve lived in prior lifetimes with your little beloved fur balls and again, 75% said YES! AMAZING!

This time I want to know if you believe it’s possible to have been an animal in a past life and if so, what animal were you and how did you come to that realization?

I know many past clients have indeed reported their past incarnations as various animals, but I’ve never actually asked this specifically to all of you before, so here goes!

And yes, for those who are interested in aliens, etc. I have a question about that also, although I will cover that in greater detail later.

Thanks in advance, happy Friday and here is the link to a little survey which should only take a couple minutes to take. Thank You and Bright Blessings!!