Before I Arrived Sessions & Decisions We Made before We Incarnated this Time

I saw an interesting story on TV the other day about a near death experience. The woman said that before she arrived she made decisions and that while she was dead, her spirit guide came and showed her how she preplanned her life!!!

This is exactly what I have been talking about for years – the fact that on some level, stuff happens and we think, “Seriously?” and yet on some level we likely preplanned this so we could get lessons because we agreed to certain things before we arrived. Much of what we go through on earth is not necessarily the easiest stuff to digest, to say the least. I find myself wondering why in the world I would have chosen certain scenarios, but usually when I think that way, later down the road I realize things do happen for a reason.

I’ve been guiding people into the space in between lives for a long time and more recently started doing a new technique to specifically take you into that space where you can find out firsthand the specific decisions you made for your current life before you arrived.

I have the session listed on my website as Soul Purpose Discovery, but what we do in addition to finding the overall soul theme is to isolate the specific decisions made during this life:

The other thing I liked about the interview was that she was an atheist and then found faith again after this happened. I’ve regressed atheists before and once they have an experience, they are forever changed. Check out the video! It’s interesting!