Private Sessions

For over a decade Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D. has worked with thousands of individuals around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives.

“An important contribution to the field of regression therapy,”
Brian Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives Many Masters

“Shelley is a creative genius,” Theresa, London, UK

“The best business coach I’ve had in 20 years,”
Bernie Lorenz, retired American Express

Dr. Shelley has been guiding clients into alternate realities for nearly twenty years. Here are her current session offerings. The buttons below will direct you to PayPal.

Email Reading

Ask Dr. Shelley 3 questions via email and she will respond to you with insights and allow you to ask for further clarity. If you are selecting this option, when you make your payment, simply write to Dr. Shelley at with your three questions and she will respond to you A.S.A.P. Once she answers, you can follow up for greater clarity.


Distance Healing

Dr. Shelley will send you a distance healing and provide intuitive insights and helpful messages by email. Lately, she has been doing grounding sessions because people are too connected with technology and in need of reconnecting to the earth.  When you book, feel free to write and let her know what you'd like her to work on, and if there is a special time when you'd like to receive your session.



Phone Reading – 30 minutes

Dr. Shelley will give you a reading, tuning into issues concerning what she calls the 3 Major Areas of Life: Love, Health or Money.  She can also tap iot the Akashic Records of the Soul and give you insights into past life lessons.  During this time, depending on what you need, she may lead you through a short clearing to assist you in releasing unwanted energies such as forgiveness, grief recovery, etc.


Soul Purpose Discovery

Dr. Shelley believes we made decisions before we arrived here in this lifetime as to what we would do and what we wanted to learn. Discover your life lessons in this powerful journey, clear decisions that are no longer serving you and move forward into your brightest future!


MindStream Journey

This is what Dr. Shelley is known for!  Experience the work endorsed by leaders in the field of consciousness, Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Raymond Moody, among others. Dr. Shelley will guide you into your past lives, future memories and higher levels of consciousness so you can discover and heal challenges from the past and access your brightest future potential. Deep healing of current life issues, forgiveness and soul purpose are also possible, as well as a trip into your current life future to discover your highest potential. Session lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. Powerful!