Dr. Shelley is  available for readings, energy healing and past life regression.

“An important contribution to the field of regression therapy,”

Brian Weiss, M.D., author of Many Lives, Many Masters

“It is truly rare to find someone who is both highly professional and incredibly kind. I can confidently say that Dr. Kaehr is one of the most knowledgeable, sincere, and caring human-beings I have had the pleasure of working with. She is a very skilled past life regression therapist with decades of experience, and our sessions together have had a huge positive impact on my life and likely on thousands of others! I have utmost respect for the work she does and will always be eternally grateful for all the help, support and guidance I received as a result of our sessions. It took nearly 10 years of searching, struggle, and experimentation with a variety of healing modalities (including conventional medicine and various alternative methods) most of which turned out to be completely ineffective, before I was lucky enough to finally come across someone who has helped me to start truly healing; on both physical and emotional levels. For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kaehr to anyone looking for a gifted past life regressionist who is genuinely interested in seeing her clients heal and helping them find solutions to any problems or personal challenges they come to her with!” Olga B., Denver, CO

A Note From Dr. Shelley

A little bit about my Mindstream Journey sessions…

While I love the process of past life regression because I found it so transformational in my own personal healing journey, over the years, I’ve realized that what I do is more than a mere regression.  It’s a soul journey.  Typically people need to do some healing in the now before we ever go back into the past.  The form that takes varies because each person I work with is totally different.  Sometimes a lost loved one comes from beyond the veil to give you the chance to say what needs to be said, or perhaps somebody who is still very much with you in the here and now needs to receive a message of forgiveness and healing.  

The journey into the past is valuable because you can remember special gifts and talents, or understand current life relationships on a deeper level, or heal something that you’ve long had difficulty with. We can also work together to help you discover your soul purpose.  Why are you here?  What is your mission this time around that potentially you’ve been doing again and again over the course of many lifetimes?

Finally we can travel out into your current life future – the brightest and best, the place where you are happy, healthy, living your purpose and having fulfilled what your heart truly desires for you.  From that future place, you can “remember” the steps you took to creating the life of your dreams and when you return to the here and now, you can begin immediately to work toward the true goals of your heart.

I look forward to working with you!  Blessings!

During Dr. Shelley’s soul journey sessions based on her bestselling book Lifestream: Journey Into Past & Future Lives, you will go into a safe place to heal current life trauma, forgive others, learn soul purpose, travel into past lives to remember your soul gifts, heal things holding you back in the now and then move forward into a future memory in this current life where you can experience yourself living the life of your dreams, fulfilling your soul purpose and feeling happy and successful.

Sessions take about an hour and fifteen minutes and are truly transformational.  To book, simply pay using the link below and then Dr. Shelley will write you and set up a time convenient for you both.

What can you work on during a session?

Connections to People – understanding why certain people are in your life and what lessons you have to learn together

Past Gifts and Talents – when we come here, we forget who we are.  You can travel back in time and remember some of your special gifts so you can use them more purposefully in the now.

Just about anything you can think of can be addressed through the Mindtream process because the journey allows you to discover yourself at a deeper level and find answers to your most pressing questions.

If you prefer to have a reading, Shelley will tune into your situation and offer her advice based on the circumstances as she sees them in the moment.  She will assist you in uncovering a game plan so you can move through current situations into what you want to create.

She can also do shorter healing sessions, helping you release old energies and let go of unwanted patterns so you can move into a brighter future.

She takes people into what she calls Future Memories – actual experiences of the brightest possible future in your current life – and helps you uncover every single step you need to take to get you where you want to go.

If you would like Shelley to contact you via email, simply pay for the email reading, ask your questions and she will write you back as soon as she is able and then provide you with the opportunity to ask more questions based on her feedback.

Shelley also does distance healing sessions.

All Sessions are by Phone

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