Gems & Stones

Gems & Stones

Thanks for taking a look at my stones!  This page changes often and if you don’t see what you need, please email me at  I have a lot of different stones in stock.  Because stones are naturally occurring, each varies slightly in size and color.  I use my intuition to select the best piece for you.

Malachite – aka Lapis Ligurius – Among the most important stones according to the Cayce readings, and this batch in particular is quite special to me.  We’ve had it in our family since the 1970’s!  I took these out to my A.R.E. Field Conferences last year and people went crazy for it.  I’ve been keeping these for a special occasion, and the time is now! Enjoy!

Gentle Giant Crystal – this big guy (yes, my stones have genders 🙂 ) is a real sweetheart I know you will love. 5 x 2 inches.

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Lemurian Seeds!  Sweet small and medium sized seed crystals you will love!

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Galena – Lead Ore – from Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones – powerful grounding stone.  Photo doesn’t do it justice! 1 x 1 in

Stunning Natural Emeralds – open the heart center and bring feelings of love and harmony to the surface.  .5 X 1 inch

Crystal & Tourmaline – black tourmaline protects and grounds and crystal amplifies those energies.  4.5 x 2 inches

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Natural Amber Necklace – helps you recall past lives – gorgeous!  Twist clasp, 16 inches long

One of a Kind Large Australian Opal – Tuaoi Stone – I picked this up on my recent trip to Queensland.  I believe Opal is the Tuaoi Stone mentioned the Cayce readings with ties to Atlantis.  This photo can’t possibly do justice to the stunning purples, amber colors deep within this stone.  Really special piece!  1.25 x 2 inches.

Abalone Shell Oval Cabochons – make beautiful jewelry! Abalone is an organic shell that helps you tune into the spirit world and intuitive guidance featured in my book Multidimensional Minerals.  One of my Favorites! .5 x 1 inch

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Handmade Multi-stone Charm Necklace – a treasured piece I’ve worn for years made for me by a very special and spiritual mentor who has since passed into spirit.  People ask how I can possibly part with some of my favorite treasures.  For me, this is easy. When it’s time for something to move on, I release it, and that’s the case with this beauty.

Chrysocolla – Cousin to Lapis mentioned in Cayce Readings – Gorgeous specimen tunes you into higher realms.  3 x 3 inch.

Lab Grown Gems – I have come to really love working with the lab grown stones.  They give you the purest experience of the actual gems without the high prices!  These are beautifully cut and faceted  so if you want, you could have them set in jewelry.  I use them in healing and my students have also found them quite helpful.  Bag includes Sapphire (throat chakra), Amethyst (third eye), Ruby (root), Diamond (crown), Citrine(solar plexus) and Emerald (heart). Each stone .25 x .5 inch

Price Includes Shipping!

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