Gems & Stones

This page changes often as my inventory changes.  Want something you don’t see here?  Chances are I have it!  Email me at and let me know what you need and I can help!

Favorite Stones from My Private Collection Can Now Be Yours!!!


Chrysocolla Specimen – gorgeous baseball sized piece (3 inches by 3 inches) is a cousin to Lapis.  Looks awesome in the office!

Tibetan Quartz – one of my personal favorites says “he” (my stones always have a gender 🙂 ) says he is ready to move on! This quartz is from Tibet, an amazing spiritual center, and by working with this piece, you can connect to that beautiful energy.

Special Tourmaline in Quartz – I’ve never seen another like it.  This piece came to me years ago.  Tourmaline is grounding and protects your energy fields and the quartz amps up those qualities.

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