Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones November 12th in Culver City


Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones:
Working with Gems to
Enhance Your Life and Health

Join Dr. Shelley for a full day, hands-on workshop that will assist you in integrating gemstones and the wisdom of the Edgar Cayce readings into your everyday life and healing practice.

Dr. Shelley will go step-by-step through the many uses of gemstones, how and why gemstone power works, and how to use them in your daily life. In this experiential, A-to-Z guide to gems, stones, minerals, and metals, you will learn and discover:

The healing properties of over 40 stones

  • What Edgar Cayce said about stones and the part they play in our vibrational universe
  • Healing exercises using gems with fellow students
  • Self-healing and distance healing using stones
  • Stones found in the Bible and other sacred texts around the globe
  • And more!