Coming soon from ARE Press – Edgar Cayce’s Sacred Stones

I’m really excited about the new book coming out soon.  Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Gemstones was released?  The new book will focus more on the spiritual implications of stones and how societies have been using them throughout the ages to create wisdom and energy.  I also have a special section devoted to the stones found in the Bible.

No cover image for the new book is here yet, but meanwhile, here’s a bit about the first Cayce book:

Edgar Cayce’s Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals & More


Edgar Cayce gave over 13,000 individual readings during his lifetime.  Learn what the world’s greatest psychic said about gems and how to use them for assisting vibrational frequencies around the body. Dr. Shelley includes several powerful exercises and includes dozens of stones you can work with.

Parallel Universes Panel is Today!

I am speaking today at DFW IONS

meeting at Center for Spiritual Living

June 7, 2015  3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Exploring Consciousness: parallel universes, alternate realities, multiple time lines, and probable realities

A panel discussion


Dr. Shelley Kaehr, internationally renowned hypnotist, past life regressionist and author has written extensively about future lives, lives between lives, and parallel universes.

Shannon Looper: gives us a view from the side of quantum physics.

Shannon brings his expertise in quantum thinking, conscious relationship, paradigm shifts, and ontology. He is a member of MENSA

Jessica Faltot: hypnotist past life regressionist and  life between lives counselor

Vaughan Wynne-Jones: expertise: transhumanism, spirituality and the author of Love & Gratitude and BEING HUMAN 101

Daniel D’Neuville: Master hypnotist, master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is our DFW IONS coordinator and event moderator

NOTE: Each of our panelists has a lengthy list of accomplishments and a depth of expertise in broad areas of consciousness and spirituality, in addition to their listed expertise.

This months panel will discuss from the view of Consciousness and Quantum Physics the idea of multiple timelines, alternate or parallel universes, concept of  probable realities

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Is our life just a play of consciousness?
  • Just what is reality?
  • What is time?
  • The ability of consciousness to bridge, explore multiple realities
  • Through exercises in consciousness exploration can we incorporate learnings, retrieve past abilities and skills?
  • Exploring alternate or parallel universes the ability through consciousness to play out alternative decisions not only in the past but in the present and the future
  • Just what are the limits of consciousness?
  • Is it possible for us to have the experience of leaving this timeline and jump into a new one?
  • What just might be the purpose of life?

If you’re interested at all in the dimensions of consciousness, of questioning just who you are and why you my may be on the planet…

this is a must attend conversation!